VW Stalker

The WASP-VW is a variant of the WASP mA datalogger. It is compact, low power & easy to deploy. It reads vibrating wire (VW) & temperature sensors & transmits results wirelessly over the Internet to the WASP web portal for storage, processing and display. The same web portal is used to configure the logger.

The WASP-VW comprises digital WASP (WASP-D) and VWstalker. Each VWstalker can read 2 VW and 2 temperature sensors. Each WASP-D can power and control up to 2 VWstalkers. The WASP-D communicates with the VWstalker using the SDI-12 protocol.

Before installation, the VWstalker is programmed and pre-wired to the WASP-D. Once on site, VW sensors are connected to the VWstalker. The user then logs on to the web portal to set up logging and reporting schedule.

The WASP-VW is ideal for new and retro-fit instrumentation projects where unattended collection of readings from VW sensors is required.

WASP VW Stalker


Product Benefits 
  • Works with most VW sensors
  • Extremely compact and rugged in fully weather-proof enclosures
  • Built-in antenna, wireless transceiver and battery as well as a SIM card with active mobile 3G data plan
  • Minimum effort for site set up required
  • Ideal for long-term, unattended projects that require wireless data acquisition
  • Quick and easy to install. Perfect for new and retro-fit instrumentation projects
  • Powered by Outpost Central, the WASP is tested and proven with over 5,000 units in use worldwide
Product Features 
  • Reads up to 4 x VW sensors with thermistors (2 x sensors per VWstalker)
  • Automatic and wireless data upload directly to the dedicated WASP web portal
  • Works with dynamic IP address
  • Stores 1,000’s of data-points locally, avoids data loss if a break in communication occurs
  • Low power consumption, internal battery has a life of up to 3-years
  • Multiple permission levels on the web portal allow for easy user management
  • Each VW channel configurable to match frequency range of the sensor using a VWstalker Programmer



The RIPPA Wireless Data Network opens up a vast range of pulse and analogue sensors for geotechnical and structural monitoring.

Typical applications include:

  • Pore pressure monitoring
  • Water level monitoring
  • Barometric monitoring
  • Tilt monitoring
  • Deflection monitoring
  • Displacement monitoring
  • Load monitoring
  • Rainfall monitoring
  • Water and air flow monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring

Technical Rating


WASP-VW Datasheet

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