LS-G6 Wireless Monitoring System

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LS-G6 Wireless Monitoring System The LS-G6 geotechnical wireless monitoring system is the effective way to log, transmit and receive data from any sensor with a vibrating wire, voltage or digital sensor. What's more, you'll be able to configure the system using your smartphone - reducing the need for bulky laptops when on-site.

Signal coverage is a thing of the past. With the LS-G6, you can deploy the system anywhere, with long range communication up to 15km. You get 10 years of unattended operation - providing you with a flexible and affordable solution for a project when a cabled system is not suitable due to access restrictions or physical barriers. All data is transmitted in a secure manner.

There's enough data storage for up to 72,500 readings (including timestamp and 5 sensors) or 200,000 readings (including timestamp and 1 sensor). Other features include a control port for operating a distributed sensor multiplexer, and the opportunity to individually configure each channel on the voltage datalogger.

Product Features
  • Multiple sensors: 1, 2, 8, 16 channels
  • Sampling rate: 5-10-15-30 min, 1-4-24 hrs
  • Deployment fast mode: 15 min at 5s sampling
  • USB interface
Product Benefits
  • No cables; saves km of installation/maintenance
  • 24/7 remote information allows to anticipate problems and thus avert cost-intensive accidents
  • No expensive added equipment/manwork needed
  • Optimization of maintenance cycles by doing it only when and where truly needed
  • Alarm capabilities to prevent structural stress
  • Super-intuitive free web software; intuitive visualization/configuration
  • True wireless mesh networks
  • Robust, enjoys longevity in harsh environments
  • Easy to install, plug and use


The LS-G6 (Wireless Sensor Observation System) provides a system to transmit, receive and data log remotely signals from any sensor with a vibrating wire, voltage, 4-20mA, SDI12 or resistance output.

Software is embedded in the gateway which allows it to be fully configurable over air or Ethernet and a fast mode allows full diagnostics to ensure correct operation of the system.

1. Connect sensor: easily plug sensors to the Loadsensing node, thanks to the friendly standard industrial connector.

2. Install gateway: easy installation of the small gateway to receive/store/send all data from the nodes, via Ethernet, Wi-fi, 3G.

3. Visualize/configure: set sampling rate, view real time or historical data remotely from your office. No need to install any software in your computer, thanks to the 24/7 free web application already installed in the gateway.


  • Transmit, receive and data log remote signals 
  • Excellent applications for this kind of product include:
    • Tunnels
    • Bridges
    • Dams
    • Buildings
    • Pipelines
    • Oil detection
    • Air pollution

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LS-G6 Wireless Monitoring System Datasheet

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