Robotic Total Station System

The itmsoil Robotic Total Station System is designed to remotely monitor X, Y and Z movement in or around a variety of structures.
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The itmsoil Robotic Total Station System is designed to remotely monitor X, Y and Z movement in or around a variety of structures. 

The system uses a variety of Robotic Total Stations paired with any of several compatible target types, one or more Campbell dataloggers and itmsoil unique software.

The Robotic Total Station can be positioned on the structure to be surveyed itself, in its zone of influence or sited on the same structure as the targets.

The data is fully automated and is best incorporated into itmsoil Argus Monitoring Software to provide a fully remote contactless solution.

A variety of Robotic Total Stations and targets are available depending on the accuracy required.

Product Features
  • Remote, non-contact measurement in three axes
  • Automatic re-section of total station co-ordinates correct and improve accuracy
  • Discrete targets causing minimal disturbance to structures
  • Instrument can be protected and located out of reach of the public
Product Benefits
  • Accurate, 24-hour monitoring
  • Ideal for long term use
  • Low cost targets: hundreds can be incorporated into a system
  • Proven track record worldwide
  • Fully automated system



The Robotic Total Station is connected to a Campbell datalogger and both are securely attached to a structure; its associated targets are attached to the same structure or surrounding structures. A site specific program is installed on the datalogger and all necessary set up is performed.

The prisms are located so there is no interference when reading. Ideally at least three reference prisms must be available outside the zone of influence.

The data is downloaded to the Campbell datalogger and most commonly uploaded directly to Argus software.



Robotic Total Station Systems are ideal for any project where remote monitoring of X, Y and Z co-ordinates are required.

They are particularly suited to structural monitoring including:

  • Buildings likely to be affected by large civil works
  • Underground tunnel monitoring and bridge monitoring
  • RTS can be used on faƧades that need to be protected, such as historic or architecturally important buildings, with little to no damage caused to the building

Applications of the itmsoil RTS Systems are almost limitless.


RTS1 - Robotic Total Station System 

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This downloadable PDF is the new itmsoil datasheet. 





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