Tiltsensors and Tiltmeters


Electrolevel Beam Sensor

Electrolevel Beam Sensors detect differential movement and rotation in structures. Two versions of the beam sensor are available: horizontal for monitoring settlement or heave and vertical for monitoring lateral displacement and convergence.


Bassett Convergence System

The Bassett Convergence System is designed to measure delta X and delta Z deformations of structures, in near real time. Primarily used in tunnels, particularly those such as illustrated below where clearances are extremely small, the system is robust, simple and proven.


Surface Mount Tilt Sensors

Electrolevel and Solid State (MEMS) Sensors offer an inexpensive and simple method for monitoring rotation in structures.


Portable Digital Tiltmeter

The Portable Digital Tiltmeter system comprises a tiltmeter assembly and a PDA. The tiltmeter contains MEMS accelerometers measuring in X and Y planes, the power supply, analogue to digital converter and a Bluetooth transmitter.


MEMS Tiltsensor

The MEMS Tiltsensor is based on the itmsoil In-Place Inclinometer (IPI) sensor and is designed for attaching to structures where a large tilt range is required.




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