Utah Point, WA Australia

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Client: Ertech / Port Hedland Port Authority

Project: Utah Point Berth Project

Job: Multi-user iron ore stockyard consolidation monitoring

The Port Hedland Port Authority commissioned Ertech to construct a multi-user iron ore stock yard as part of the Utah Point Berth upgrade. In order to monitor the consolidation of the soil below during loading of the stock piles, ITM-Soil have installed a series of settlement and profile monitoring sensors, along with piezometers to meaure the pore pressures. The data taken from these sensors will be compared with the Geotechnical report and used to allow faster loading of the stock piles.

ITM-Soil Supply:
  • Settlement Cells
  • In-Place Inlinometers
  • Piezometers
  • 10 Radio Loggers
  • Next G Data Retrieval
  • ARGUS Data Presentation





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