Cape Preston, WA Australia

cape preston 240x165 crop2009-2010

Client: MCC / Citic Pacific Mining

Project: Sino-Iron Ore Project

Job: Cape Causeway Emankment Settlement Monitoring

Citic Pacific Mining enlisted MCC to construct the main causeway linking the port with the main mine hub. The 70m wide causeway carries the services, acts as a service route for transportation of large plant and equipment, as well as carrying the Iron Ore to the port in a slurry form. The stability of the causeway is of critical importance. To monitor the settlement of the causeway and consolidation of the soil during and after the loading stage, ITM-Soil installed a series of profile tubes in the underlying mud to be read with a Hydrostatic Profile Gauge. Along with the profile tubing, piezometers were installed to monitor the dissipation of pore water pressure during consolidation. The data is used to confirm the design assumptions, and to demonstrate practically that the causeway is stable and secure.

ITM-Soil Supplied:

  • 16 Settlement Profiles
  • Manual Monitoring & Reporting
  • Hydrostatic Profile Gauge
  • Vibrating Wire Piezometers





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